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What if they are wrong.pdf
The Korean Mess.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- Republicans are Boring.pdf
So Much for Justice.pdf
Public equals poor.pdf
Do the right thing.pdf
Depleted Political Gene Pool.pdf
Coral Meet Saddam.pdf
Presidential flip-flops.pdf
A Kauai lens of the World.pdf
Our Feckless European Allies.pdf
A Good Read.pdf
Logan Airport Security
God Protect me from my friends.pdf
He who eats my bread.pdf
Killing Pablo.pdf
Another such victory.pdf
Feed the Alligator
Brilliant Idiot
WSJ Gets it Wrong
Peanut Butter?
Education $$$
Liberal's Dream City
Liberals & Traitors
Don't count every vote.pdf
Democrat Oath
Dean etc.pdf
Many Questions.pdf
Strikers vs Wal-Mart.pdf
A 15-0 vote from the U.N..pdf
In support of Torture.pdf
Dishonor and war.pdf
Iraqi Prisoners.pdf
RB Newsletter -- Gangs ARE Terrorists.pdf
RB Newsletter -- Sumatra Tsunami.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- The UN and Annan.pdf
RB-Newsletter --What are the facts.pdf
Election News Analysis.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- Dishonor and war.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- Finally.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- GDP.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- God Set the Precedent.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- Infidels in Perspective.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- Revenge.pdf
RB-Newsletter -- Royalty Complex.pdf
God Set the Precedent.pdf
Illegal Immigration 2.pdf
Dumb and Dumber.pdf
PUSD Scores
Global Warming
A Pox on them all
"Drug War"?
Sugar Cane
Arafat or Sadam?
RB Newsletter - Human Rights Watch.pdf
Never Judge a Book
Homeless Revisited
Submarine Solution
Bucher Support
School Testing
Dolphin Signs.pdf
Welfare Agreement?
King for a Day
Nursing Homes
Clinton the Lawyer
Electing Jailed Democrats
Defense Attorneys
Greedy Geezers
White Trash
Bentley Motorcars
Hawaii Politics
Dark Night
Illegal Immigration.pdf
In support of Torture.pdf
Please don't count every vote.pdf

These are legacy columns published before 2005. For my latest comments on various items, please visit my
Blog" at http://www.allenhemphill.com/point/welcome.html

These columns have appeared in various media. Many were in the old Bernardo News, some appeared in the Escondido Times-Advocate (now the North County Times), and some appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune. A few appeared in many or most or all of the above.

More than 800 columns have appeared in one place or another -- but most of the columns are not worthy of a repeat performance, so these are some of my favorites.

From time to time, some of the less controversial columns will be taken down and other columns will take their place. It is always difficult to predict which "legacy" columns will have the most interest, so I must guess -- unless you have a particular column from the past that you remember. I was holding an "open house" of a Hidden Meadows resident several months ago and he remembered a particular column that was written so long ago that I probably don't even have it on my backup systems, but they do go back to 1988.

If you remember a particular subject, drop me an e-mail, and if I can find the column I will place it on the site or send you a copy by e-mail attachment..

Additionally. it is my intent to write weekly columns and place them on this site by date rather than content. With so many columns to juggle, there may be a better way to display them, and your recommendations are encouraged.

And so are your comments, both positive and negative. Otherwise my writings are sent into the ether without any feedback. The Net is an interactive venue, and that makes it more interesting than just publishing columns.

I'll take my best shot on subjects. Take yours on my columns. I won't take it personally but I will defend my thoughts -- or if I can't I will recant.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own set of facts, so if you find a factual error please alert me.



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